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Select the international famous-brand motor and superior materials, with lower noise and more stable operation to ensure the high quality of the whole machine;

1. Reasonable design, convenient for cleaning;

2. Mechanical seal can be chosen: single end face, double end face;

3. Suitable for VACUUM and pressure operating modes;

4. Application temperature 460 “C; The higher temperature is available to be customized upon request;

5. The high-quality scattering, emulsification, homogeneity, dissolving and reaction


There is a set of stator and rotor installed in the working space, while the transmission shaft in the space would be cantilevered shaft type. The transmission shaft is linked with the motor directly. Normally mechanical air-proof method would be adopted. This is applicable for the medium and small batch of circulatory treatment production craft, it’s recommended to use it together with the intermittent high shear dispersion & emulsification machine, which would demonstrate better effect.

Complete Set Installation


Powder Absorbing